Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ive been blogging every day of my trip on a Facebook page. Search "cycling pianist" on Facebook to follow my journey. I'm alive and well. Thank you.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Leaving concrete Washington this morning

Today will be a beautiful but tougher ride as I begin to climb washington pass - elevation of 5,477 feet.
You can also follow me on facebook by searching cyclingpianist

Last nights update
This morning picked up Kevin and my dad at the hotel. Dad got in last night to Seattle at 430am due to delayed flights. Then we got my cars oil changed, went by a drone camera store, drove from Seattle to Ana Cortes today took 3-4 hrs due to extreme traffic. 

Didn't get on the road cycling till 530pm and was able to pull off a 43.3 mile day anyway. We got into a koa at 9pm. Thankful for a day of safety and absolute beauty on the road.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

will be fixing this blog shortly

Pray for me as I speak tomorrow at what has been my home church the last 2 years, Judson Baptist Church in Oak Park, IL.
I'm speaking briefly about this bike tour across America, riding for orphans journey, that I'm about to venture out on.
Right after I speak my girlfriend and I are driving straight through from Chicago to Seattle, a 34-38 hr drive.

On June 9th we will meet up with Kevin Malley who will be the official videographer as we will be putting together a documentary
of this entire trip. We welcome him on this fantastic journey.
On June 10th, we will meet up with my father who will be the official driver of the support vehicle that will go behind and ahead of me. We welcome dad to the team and thank him too.
Id like to thank my cousin Steve Tripp who works for Boeing in Seattle for letting us stay at his place for a day when we arrive completely exhausted the night of June 8th.
Also thank you to Mike Rieck who is also providing host home support for a few days before June 10th, the official launch day of the tour.
Last but not least, my Saint Bernard will be joining us. We need the prayers of the Saints. Thank you for them.
Ive felt God calling me to do this trip for 10 years, its finally happening. Ive had to sacrifice like crazy to even get to this point this year but I don't regret it at all. We all know this will be a trip of a lifetime for many.
If theres something on your heart that you've always wanted to do that helps others, do it and don't let anyone stop you.
See you on the road!
Sincerely - The Tripp smile emoticon

Hi Friends, good news to report. This trip is only a few days away now. 

Im blessed to report Ive been sponsored by the company Syntrax. They will be sending me various protein shakes on my ride across america.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'll be spending many days in this tent on this tour along with a few other men who will joining my team.